We attach great importance to sustainability, traceability, and transparency.

Working with bees and beekeepers has given us a unique understanding of the importance of caring for our environment and developing awareness to reduce negative impacts on the environment.



Our philosophy is to create an authentic Mānuka honey that reflects our Whānau (family), Whenua (land), and Iwi (Tribe). Our vision is to be indigenous leaders in the global market with an ethos that follows best practices for quality and sustainability within each of our products.



At Wero we nurture and harvest Mānuka honey from some of the most pristine and remote areas of Aotearoa/New Zealand. We understand the importance of respecting mother nature. If we protect and preserve the native habitat, nature will continue to provide.



Aotearoa/New Zealand Mānuka Honey is one of the world's finest premium quality honeys. For generations, the Māori people of Aotearoa/New Zealand have used the Mānuka tree for its unique properties as food source and as rongoā/medicine for health and wellbeing.



Here at Wero, our bee keeping practices are reflected in the quality of our honey. Our passion for responsible native beekeeping and focus on ethical and sustainable practices to care for the whenua/land, mean that we can all enjoy the benefits today and for future generations.



Wero is a family business and therefore we highly value our inclusive relationships based on respect, trust and honesty. We actively work with whānau/family, passionate partners and our local community to ensure our land is respected and our honey is authentic and delicious.



Our focus on sustainable practices mean that we value the care and connection we have to the whēnua/land. We are conscious of our businesses' impact and care deeply for the welfare and wellbeing of all our staff, including our bees!


Responsibility: We try to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible and contribute our knowledge and actions where we can take responsibility.

Mataikona Station is planting new Mānuka varieties as well as various indigenous trees and is subject to the carbon credit system.

Plastic vs. Glass

Customers ask: Why is our honey offered in a plastic container?

New Zealand is a small and isolated country where the resources, processing and manufacturing of glass is very energy intensive.

Wero Honey uses PET, which can be recycled after use.

We encourage everyone to recycle our jars


Our high-quality and genuine WERO Mānuka honeys are tested and certified in New Zealand in accredited laboratories for their MGO content and other ingredients.




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